Closing Comments

Lottery has changed the lives of a lot of people around the world but it has also ruined the lives of a lot of people. Therefore you have to be very cautious when you play any lottery game. Here are some suggestions and comments for the people who are already playing the lottery or want to start playing it:

Stay within your limits: Know your financial limits and make a budget for playing the lottery games. Fulfill your financial responsibilities first like paying your bills, taking care of your family and then whatever money is left, spend some of it on lottery. Do not go crazy at spending a lot of money on lottery and forgetting your financial responsibilities. Gambling has ended a lot of marriages and disintegrated a lot of families around the world.

Buy your own ticket: Some people ask the friends or relatives to go and buy a ticket for them and some people borrow money from others to play lottery. That’s not a good practice. If you win the millions, those who bought ticket for you or those who lent you the money will expect a big chunk of money from you. That’s the way you might lose some old friend. So help yourself and buy your own ticket even if you have to walk in snow or rain. That will save you from trouble.

Do not share your numbers: Unless you are playing in a group or pool, keep your numbers secret. Prizes get divided in case of multiple winners. If you have shared your combination with 4 people and you win the jackpot of 5 million dollars, each of you will get one million and you may not like that. So be careful when you share your numbers with others. Some people who shared their numbers with others got in big trouble in the past. One guy shared his numbers with some co workers and once he played in a group with them. Then he played them by himself without them joining him. After a couple weeks his combination won. Although his co workers did not join to play with him but they all joined to file a law suit against him. They showed the court their old ticket and told that they have been playing in group and now since that combination has won, so they want their share. The poor guy lost almost all his money. Remember, money can make anyone greedy. Specially when its a matter of millions, you need to be very careful.

Play in group the right way: When you are playing in a group, write down everything on a paper and get it signed by each member in the group. Some official lottery sites have uploaded the printable forms for the public to download and use as an official document for a group play. Those forms are made according to the regulations of the country for playing a lottery game, claiming the prize and for paying the applicable taxes. If your local lottery website does not have such a form, write down the names of the players in your group, the money they paid, the date and game they intend to play and their signatures. Make photocopies of that document and give each player a copy of it for his or her record. If you win, go to the lottery office together with your photo IDs to claim the prize with the group play form or document. It will save time and also protect you from trouble.

Keep the records.  Lottery administrations keep an eye on the ongoing frauds and keep devising different strategies to ensure the security of the winners and to avoid the frauds. Some administrations have installed an additional software on their main computer to keep all the details of each ticket. In addition to the ticket details, this software keeps record of total number of tickets played, time, date, agent location etc. When a person goes to cash a winning ticket with a big prize, the cashier pulls out all the details of that ticket on his computer and asks the claimant all those details and matches them with his records. If the claimant is the actual buyer of the ticket, he will answer all the questions correctly, then the cashier will cash his ticket. If the claimant has stolen that ticket from the actual owner, he won’t be able to answer the questions correctly. In that case, the cashier will call the police and get the claimant arrested. So when you buy a ticket of a lottery game with a big jackpot, write down all the details for your record. Also sign the ticket.

Beware of lottery scams: If you receive an email from an unknown sender saying “you have won 7 million dollars on British Lottery, we need your name, date of birth, phone number, address and bank account number” never believe in it and report it as a spam to your email server. The people who send such emails are spammers from another country who need your name and details for criminal purpose. You can’t report them to your local police because they are living in another country and your police can’t do anything about them unless they have agreement with Interpole. Do not respond to such emails. The people who responded and gave their details were asked to send a few hundred dollars of processing fee. When they sent the processing fee, the spammers disappeared or they sent a fake check. When the people tried to cash it, it was fake and the bank prosecuted them.

Save your losing tickets: It’s better to save your losing tickets of one calendar year. Some lottery administrations give discount in taxes if the winner shows the losing tickets of that calendar year. Check with your local lottery administration if they have that kind of law.





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