Lottery Strategies

In this section we shall discuss the different strategies for playing the lottery games. Although everybody dreams about winning the big prize and getting rich but you must also realize that chance of winning the big prize is one out of several million. For example, in 6/49 lottery there are 49 numbers and you have to match 6 numbers to win the jackpot. If we start making combinations of 6 numbers out of a set of 49 numbers,  we shall make 13,983,816 combinations. Therefore the chances of winning the jackpot is one out of 13,983,816.  But the good thing about lottery is that you can still win some money if you match 3, 4 or 5 numbers. There are some smaller games like Pick 3 and Pick 4  that have better odds of winning.  Pick 3 has 1,000  combinations and Pick4 has 10,000 combinations. You can’t win millions on these two small games but they have better odds to win small prizes of $500 to $5000. Lottery administrations give you a chance to play your own numbers by filling up lottery cards and running them through the machine or let the lottery machine pick random numbers for you also known as quick picks. Here are some popular ways of playing the lottery devised by experts and players:

1. Selecting from hot numbers list: This is a method you analyze the frequency of different numbers from last 10-50 drawings and  categorize them as hot and cold numbers. The numbers drawn most frequently are called hot numbers and the numbers rarely drawn or not drawn are called cold numbers. The expert players pick some hot and some cold numbers from the list and make combinations to play.

2. Wheeling: This is an effective method of making different combinations if you have selected more numbers than required to play. For example if you have to play 6 numbers in a lottery game but you have selected 8 numbers, you need to ‘wheel’ them to make combinations of 6. Here is a chart of 8 number wheel for 6 number combinations:  

3. Using a computer software: There are a lot of computer programs available in the market that analyze the lottery numbers from last several drawings and give you the most frequently drawn numbers. Some lottery software have lists of the lottery games of different states, provinces and countries that it can analyze while some software are universal and you can add the type of your local lottery game and analyze it. First type of software are recommended because they keep upgrading the database of drawings from the official sites and you don’t have to add the numbers drawn to their database.  Before you purchase a software, make sure it has your local lottery game in it.

4. Using psychic powers for predicting the numbers: All the lottery players wish to foresee the lottery numbers and win the big prize. But that wish hardly comes true. Most of the people do not believe they have any psychic power and if they pick the right numbers, it happens just by chance or by luck. But studies show that you can predict and pick the winning lottery numbers of the future. In this section we shall discuss the ways to develop psychic powers particularly for predicting the lottery numbers and some tested methods of using them.

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